Our Story

Multiple was designed specifically for  ecommerce acquisitions.

 We don’t sell saas, blogs, or brick and mortar busineses.

Everything about our platform, from the verified buyers to the focused CIMs was designed to optimize the process of buying and selling ecommerce businesses.


Multiple is the next generation of "FBA Private Market"

FBA Private Market

Founded 2020, replaced by Multiple in 2023.

  • The first M&A platform focused exclusively on 7 & 8 figure Amazon FBA acquisitions.
  • Disrupted traditional broker model by having buyers pay all fees and running professional M&A auctions instead of setting asking prices.
  • Successfully closed dozens of 7 & 8 figure Amazon FBA deals from 2020-2023.


Billy Evans

Founder & M&A Director

  • Boutique M&A Advisor since 2016
  • Former M&A attorney (Cornell Law School & Proskauer NYC)
  • Founder, FBA Private Market
  • Successfully closed dozens of deals in Ecommerce, Saas & other industries.